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      Welcome. This web page is designed  as a quick reference for our food club members. by clicking on the different section titles you can access information that will help you in placing your orders and help us in collating the group's orders. Please contact us for information concerning subscribing to the United Catalogue.

    UPDATES  Check this section every order period to get information on any changes in our regular schedule or other late breaking news about ordering, pick up schedule, or pricing issues.

    ORDER SHEET  You can print out this official order sheet. By using this sheet you help speed up our collating and eliminate mistakes on your order.

    ORDER INFORMATION  A source for how our food club works. Reminders and tips that help the club run smoothly.

    SPLIT & SHARE  Here  you can find items people want to split a case of or share a bulk item. Let me know what you would like to split and how much of the item you are willing to take and I will post it here and coordinate the order.



Feb.:Order is due on the 9th and pick up is on Friday. the 12th.! Please check this update page every order.  If you cannot pick your order up on pickup dates it is best to contact me to make arrangements to do so. I am not always available at other times. Let your friends know about the coop the bigger the better!

PLEASE NOTE:Associated Buyers Catalogue can now be downloaded in pdf and xls formats. Check with me for a log in to the Associated Buyers website: http://www.associated-buyers.com/ user name: eric password: hickory. log in , click on catalogs for catalog menu.

They did not want outside public links posted anymore. The xls format is a full cataloge. The Pdf file will only be sale items. Quarterly there will be a full pdf catalogue published. Please contact me if you have trouble downloading the price lists.

Associated buyer now lists case prices on some items. If you are ordering a case of an item as opposed to a single item be sure to make that clear on your order

Check your order when you get home any missing items or problems must be reported within  3 days of pick up date to receive credits. If you Fax or E mail your order, please call to verify that it was received.

Anyone who wishes to split a bulk item or case with other members let me know and I will post it under "Split and Share".

       The prices in the Associated Buyer's catalogue are wholesale prices so there is a 12%  charge on your Associated order. You may use the sale prices as indicated. Bulk items are available in repacks . (*) means 5 lb. repacks which you must add 25 cents per lb. to the price and(**) means 10 lb. repacks - add 15 cents per pound. You may not use sale prices on repacks. 
      You may now subscribe to the Associated Buyer paper catalogue! See info Below:
(our account number is 129 - Hickory Foods)



Please put your order on  a 8 1/2" BY 11" Page and follow our format which is  described below. Better yet print out and use our order form.


     catal. number    item count                description               total cost   page number
     54321        2    spectrum 12 oz org. olive oil                $12.00         32

       CATALOGUE  NUMBER: Use the right Number.  Check for number for singles.

        ITEM COUNT: Put the item count for the catalogue number. ("1" or "2") Do NOT put case amount or container size. (24/10 oz. or 5 lb. bag)

        DESCRIPTION: Use Brand name and size n ex.  "Spectrum 12 oz.  Org. Olive Oil"

       TOTAL COST: Catalogue price multiplied by item count.  In example above the catalogue price is $6.00.

      PAGE NUMBER: Be sure to use the right month catalogue. Listing page numbers helps us find problems faster.

    E MAILORDERS:  I will send you a return e mail to let you know I received your order. If you do not get the confirmation get in touch with me or resend the order.

     DEADLINES: Orders are due by the first and third Fridays 5:00 pm. We appreciate getting orders earlier in the week  Pick ups are the second and fourth Fridays. Call to make sure the truck has arrived on time or check updates for special situations. We are often available for pick ups on Saturday - but not always. Check to make sure.

           Check your order when you get home any missing items or problems must be reported within  3 days of pick up date to receive credits 


(Let Eric Know if you are interested)


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